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X11 Dual Spray Air Humidifier 3L

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People feel most comfortable when the relative humidity is between 40-60%. It may cause nasal congestion, skin and eye dryness, static electricity, and cracks in furniture when the humidity drops to 30% or below.
RIGOGLIOSO X11 dual spray humidifiers help to relieve those discomforts by adding clean and healthy moisture to the dry air. From cool mist to warm mist, from bottom fill to top-fill, we have always been on the way to make the best humidifier for you.

  • 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser
  • Top-filling design, convenient to add water
  • 3L Large capacity
  • 2 adjustable haze modes: dual spray & single spray
  • Ultra-Silent humidification, makes you sleep well
  • Ultrasonic Technology to produce cool fog, prevent accidental scalding
  • Intelligent anti-dry burn, 12-hour automatic power-off protection
  • Product Model: X11
  • Water Capacity: 3000 mL
  • Voltage: 3W/5A
  • Working Current: 200-350 mA
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3L
  • Spray Volume: 30-50 ml/h
  • Using Time: 12 hours automatic power off / dual spray time 30 hours / single spray time 60 hours
  • Products Size: 14.6 x 14.6 x 26 cm
  • Executive Standard: GB4706.1-2005/GB4706.48-2009
What's included
  • 1 x humidifier
  • 1 x Spare Cotton Swab
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual