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Power Plug Accessories for Air Purifiers

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* Save 50% on USB Wall Charger when you purchase 1 or more USB Type-C Cable offered by RIGOGLIOSO. 

  • Convenience Performance

AC Power Cord -- Input with 12V 1A, Suitable for RIGOGLIOSO air purifier GL2109, SY908, SY910

USB Adapter -- USB output with current 5V 1A and input with 110-240V enables you to charge your air purifier or phones, suitable for this type of RIGOGLIOSO USB air purifier GL2103, 900S (Cable not included, only 1 USB Adapter).

  • Safety Assurance

USB Wall charger has a protection system against overcharging, over-current and overheating.

* Please note the model of your air purifier when placing an order for a power adapter.

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